The 10 Best Left-Wing Memes in Response to the Right-Wing Coke Ad Outrage



When Coca-Cola aired an ad during the Super Bowl that featured a multilingual version of America the Beautiful, the xenophobic right-wing came unglued. They filled Coke’s Facebook post featuring the ad with racist ramblings full of bad grammar and misspelled words, mistakenly claiming that the national anthem (which is actually the Star-Spangled Banner) should only be sung in American (which is not an actual language).

Soon after the professional football contest was over Sunday evening, the left-wing image makers cranked up their Photoshop boxes and rolled up their sleeves. Here are 10 of the best images we found as we perused the Interwebs:

1. Our own meme pointed out that the author of America the Beautiful probably would have loved a multilingual rendition of her hymn about brotherhood.


2. Red State Dems had a few in the list. Here was their first of the night:


3. Lady Grey got right to the crux of the issue. Diversity scares the right-wing.


4. FreeDumb Nation pointed out that conservatives dinner choices were going to be tough. The graphic was originally created by RuPaulogize!


5. Meme GOP was kind enough to remind the right that America the Beautiful is NOT the national anthem.


6. Red State Dems came back with an alternative beverage choice for the right-wing to consider.


7. The Devil saw something in the ad that the righties seemed to have missed!


8. The Ale Party wonders what the right-wing will be left with for dinner choices after all of this.


9. Another from Red State Dems. Love all those Coke bottles in different languages!


10. The Beer Party brought out the big guns. Bill tells it like it is.


BONUS: Conservative Are Destroying Our Future makes a simple, elegant statement.

  • Mister_Mean

    Let the right wing nuts fart fire and brimstone for all I care.

  • SluttyMary

    #4 was made by RuPaulogize and was reposted by FreeDumb Nation. I know because I created it. It was originally posted to the coke page and ‘spammed’ a few times by me as post drop like mad.

    A slightly altered template can be viewed here for verification. But we are a tiny page and do not have the reach FreeDumb Nation does, so kudos to them for getting the exposure it deserved!

    • Jack Russell

      Thanks for the clarification! We’ll add your citation to the article!

  • Bill Green

    Wow, this is a really sick site.