Gov. Chris Christie’s Bridge Scandal Explained in 2 Minutes (Video)

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Unfortunately for New Jersey’s Republican Governor, Chris Christie, not only is his “bridge scandal” not going away, it’s only growing larger.

Not only is this a legitimate political scandal, it provides a glimpse into Chris Christie’s callousness towards working people and vindictiveness towards those he considers to be his adversaries (video below).

As the hearings and investigation widen, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Chris Christie ordered the shutdown of the Washington bridge only because local Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich had been asked, and declined, to endorse Mr. Christie for reelection two weeks earlier.

Port officials and other administrators have testified that Gov. Christie ordered one of his political appointees, an old high school friend, to shut down the bridge for no reason whatsoever. He failed to notify Public Safety, local officials, the media, and the bosses at the Port Authority.

The bridge’s staff have admitted to having followed orders only for fear of being fired by higher-ups.

After the pouring of outrage by local citizens due to the busiest bridge in the world being closed down for four hours on the opening day of school, it has now been discovered that Gov. Christie has try to cover up the investigation.

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