“Operation White Christmas” Involving Racist Gangs Seize Guns, Meth, And Cellos

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Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall had this to say to the dozens of white supremacists arrested this week: “Merry Christmas. Here’s a gift from the U.S. Attorney.”

The six month investigation targeted more than 40 suspected white supremacist gang members and others in what was cleverly been dubbed “Operation White Christmas.”

With names like European Kindred, Rude Krude Brood, and Irish Pride, the jibe at the gang members being white supremacists and the sting happening just before Christmas is just priceless. Man, the police must have had a chuckle or three over this one.

Last weekend, the suspects were arrested in relation to charges of intimidating their members into non-cooperation with the law, drug dealing, fire arms trafficking, and theft of everything from identities to high-end string instruments.

The gangs were largely involved in violence against their own members, with robberies and home invasions or kidnapping and assaults to intimidate witnesses. But their members also were enmeshed in methamphetamine dealing, firearms trafficking, identity theft, car thefts and even theft of high-end bicycles and musical instruments, authorities said.

“These arrests deal a significant blow to the leadership of these white supremacist gangs,” Multnomah County …read more

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